Where the Hills Meet the Moon


Portrait Film

Where the Hills Meet the Moon

Downhill skateboarding is seen to be as chaotic, ruthless and a brutish sport. Where the Hills Meet the Moon spotlights one of these forces of nature, Sonsoles Masiá, a fearless athlete with an artistic hand of gold. Her years of traveling the world and descending the highest mountain peaks at over 80k has brought her a sensation only so few are in the position to experience: the split of your physical body and conscious mind provided by a pure state of bliss.


Starring: Sonsoles Masiá

Executive Producers: Franziska Jostock + Ted Gushue

Director & Writer: Parker Schmidt

Director of Photography: Giulia Woergartner

Still Photography: Rosanne Steeneken

Skate Camera Operator: Parker Schmidt

Editors: Parker Schmidt & Giulia Woergartner

Colorist: Giulia Woergartner

Graphic Designer: Alexa Bortz

Production Studio: BonusRun Studios

Where the Hills Meet the Moon
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