Passion Film

Can one partner meet all of your requirements? Witnessing Polly's everyday life, where she lives in a relationship with three different people. Diving into short, intimate moments in their everyday lives, and portrays everything from lust and euphoria to melancholy and jealousy.


Director: Faramarz Gosheh

Director of Photography: Mika Aberra

Production Manager: Johanna Andersson

Director Assistant: Amira Brown

Costume Designer: Pardis Payandeh

Production Designer: Klara Rosdal

Hair And Makeup: Melodie Von Sass

Hair And Makeup Assistant: Zoé BergvallGaffer Carl Erskine

1st AC: Akira Andersson

2nd AC: Linus Hellström

Technical Assistant: Elisabeth Edwards

PA: Martin Simonic, Donna Lee

Sound Technician: David Kuuse

Music Composer: Oliver Reid

Music Mix: Axel Liljeström

Piano: Johanna Lifbom

Editor: Faramarz Gosheh

Colorist: Mika Aberra

Graphic Design: Alexander Lindblad

Production Company: Noor Studios

Distribution: BonusRun Studios

In collaboration with Halebop Creative Call

With Polly, I’ve had the opportunity to realize a dream project. When it comes to relationships, there are so many norms that we take for granted, but in Polly the characters live by other rules. I want the viewer to leave the film and think: “How do I challenge my own relationships? What is expected of me and do I want to change it?”

- Faramarz Gosheh

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