Off Track

Passion Film
Off Track

Motocross; speed, dedication, adrenaline. In this film we uncover the enigmatic world of motocross in the deceptively quiet countryside of France.

Featuring Mathys Boisramé, Charles Lefrançois and Pierre Goupillon; Off-track shadows a group of emerging riders hailing from Bittany, which has proven to be a rife breeding ground for elite motocross racers.


Directed and Cinematographer: Killian Lassablière

Produced by Bande Magnétique & Yoël Servadio

Editor: Martin Pierret

Steadycam: Charlie Moreno

Buggy Driver: Titi Soufflart

Action Operator: Kevin Conseil

Music Composer: Maxime Hervé

Sound Engineer: Valerian Ponsero

Sound design: Raphael Trap

Prod Assistant: Nolwenn Jaubert

2nd AC: Thomas Serré, Oscar Guedeu

Riders: Mathys Boisramé, Charles Lefrançois, Romain Pape, Pierre Goupillon, Vincent Corre, Johann Letestu, Tanguy Egler, Téo Zoméro, Dorian Werlé.

Off Track
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