Labor of Love


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Labor of Love

Forrest was taught the trade of shaping, glassing, and coloring surfboards by his father and hall of fame shaper, Mike Minchinton, who himself had been shown the traditional way of board shaping by surf legend Robert August (some might know this name from the iconic surf film, "The Endless Summer"). Forrest had the opportunity to be a young apprentice and shop hand to his father and August to make an extra buck to keep his dirt bike running.


Photography + Art Direction: Parker Schmidt

Additional Photography: Giulia Woergartner

Special Thanks: House of Somos, Nat Twiss

Labor of Love
"I quickly put that before surfing. When I was younger, cleaning up the shop and helping my dad shape was a labor of love, something I endlessly cared for, but in reality, the work fuelled my true passion."
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