In Search of Alpenglow


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In Search of Alpenglow

Called upon by the European ride-sharing app "Sharenow," BonusRun had been tasked to produce a social media ad promoting their latest #newperspectives campaign, intended to arm the newest generation with the accessibility to venture into the wild and rediscover their surroundings.

Creative lead Giulia Woergartner had invited her adventurous friends, Sofieke Van Bilsen and Dario Fink, to explore her hometown tucked in the depths of the Italian Dolomites.


Production Company: BonusRun Studios

Director: Parker Schmidt

Director of Photography: Giulia Woergartner

Cinematographer: Parker Schmidt

Talent: Sofieke Van Bilsen, Dario Fink

In Search of Alpenglow
"As we’ve been hudled indoors making banana bread and trying every variation of online yoga for way too long, being able to invite and reconnect with my friends sounds like an old fairytale considering today's times. ShareNow gave me the opportunity to do just that and to find 'new perspectives' of the Dolomites through the eyes of my friends from out of town. I love seeing the excitement on their faces when hiking up some of the hidden gems you won’t come across when scrolling through social media. I have always enjoyed taking a closer look at familiar things and reinventing the way I approach them. Sometimes, all it takes is connecting with the people closest to you to unveil this light "

- Giulia Woergartner

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