Decisive Moments


Branded Short-Documentary

Decisive Moments

Decisive Moments ties an unquestionable knot between high-stakes photography and vigorous enthusiasm for street and portrait photography from the undeniably passionate photographer and creative Niki Byrne. She has blazed her way into the California creative scene as a feature film screenwriter and director while pursuing many interests, such as being an oil painter and helicopter pilot, all along with her sidearm of choice, the Leica Q2.

Decisive Moments explores Niki’s journey of capturing beautiful photos in extraordinary moments. Such as flying a helicopter or riding dirt bikes in the desert, but where she finds her daily inspiration in the most mundane yet beautiful circumstances.


Production Company: BonusRun Studios

Director: Parker Schmidt

Writer: Niki Byrne

Executive Producers: Matthias Goldbach

Director of Photography: Giulia Woergartner

Musician: Abigail Neale

Talent: Trevor Stines

Costume Designer: Hayley Mccune

Stuntmen: Forrest Minchinton, Will Luna, Colton Udall

Grip: Mark Beckerman

Helicopter Pilot: Julian Byrne

Editor: James Dierx

Sound Engineer: Chris Hanebutt

Supervising Colorist: Jake Pierrelee

Colorist: Giulia Woergartner

Graphic Designer: Hila Narducci

Lens Technician: Scott Gleine

Supported by: Leica Camera, Cine Visuals

Special thanks to Nicolas Herrlich, Stephan Volk, Ben Ross, Sussan Farahni, Austin Danson, Orbic Helicopters

Decisive Moments
I choose the Q because it's got the magic. It sounds silly, but I really can't put it any other way. There's a relationship between a photographer and their camera and it has to be based on trust. I trust my Q because it's perfectly simple. It has exactly the functions you need to execute any shot you can imagine: Every. Single. Time. There's no doubt in my mind, whether I'm trying to capture the perfect portrait, or dangling out of a helicopter-- my Q isn't going to surprise me. We understand each other. It's my little buddy, my trusty pal, and we've been through a lot together.

-  Niki Byrne

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